September 22, 2023

1 thought on “Is synthetic the way to go for badminton?

  1. there’s one argument to sweep this whole plastic pollution thing off the table:
    animal suffering

    A bit strange about this whole story of Mr Arasu is that he cannot stop about discussing this pretended plastic pollution., over and over…
    But is his justification justified and truly honest ? Or does he also has another hidden motivation: to keep on playing with feather shuttles.
    “To help the very goose and duck because of animal cruelty, we may be just slowly poisoning them with environmental pollution.” this is complete nonsense: so it is better to kill them immediately for the feathers ?? Why don’t we do the same with humans, so limit their suffering too..
    Sorry, truly laughable argument.

    I have to admit too: playing with feather is (much) more pleasant.. Much more.
    But the animal suffering argument blows everything away: I cannot enjoy myself, and knowing that this makes other living creatures suffering..
    Plastic – sorry synthetic – shuttle will do for me, for the rest of my live !!

    To limit suffering on earth.

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