November 27, 2021

2 thoughts on “Losing the plot

  1. The lessons – 1. The world does not run on Malaysian Rubber Time.

    2. Let the NSAs lead & run their sports – MSN & ISN are only there in a supporting role, not a leading one

    3. Let the NSAs choose their officials who are competent – enough of free holidays for KBS, MSN & ISN “officials” who know little and contribute less with their presence. The money saved is better spent on improving the athletes lot

    4. The VIPs in sports are the Athletes followed by their supporting NSAs – the “Officials” are on the lowest rung of the sports ladder for reasons given above

    5. MSN has lost its way – it needs to go back to its primary role – in the background supporting the NSAs and supporting the Athletes through their NSAs. They should not be appointing coaches or coaching athletes. They provide funding and look at “sick” NSAs and help to rehabilitate them.

  2. Wonderful article. The error will never be fixed until it is accepted and owned. While this is a travesty for the athlete it is also a time to reflect and make changes so this does not happen again

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